Too sweet...

This project by Nishat Akhtar (found via house obsession) is so sweet! Here's what she says about it:

Every second of a budding relationship feels like a tiny moment of greatness. I wanted to capture that feeling, to bring a daily pop of joy to my newly married friends Erik & Dana. Inspired by vintage slide and specimen containers, this box contains 365 tiny envelopes, each containing a note about love, excitement, or adventure, one for every day for their first year of marriage. The tiny envelopes are handmade out of vintage paper, stuffed with a little note and dotted with a blue seal.

Isn't this a great idea? It would also be a magical (and ambitious) valentine.


amy @ switz~art said...

i am in love!!!! what an amazing project!

Jeremy said...

We love Nishat's work, too, and included a piece of hers ("Distinguished Pigeon") as part of our Artists Edition series of kraft paper book covers.



Kim @ Inspired Goodness said...

Completely love this idea.

A long time ago I made a similar valentine day gift for my boyfriend, now husband inspired by prescription containers. I made a custom top to mimic the CVS label and band explaining inside was "medicine" to help lift his spirits.

On long strips of colorful paper I inscribed stories, notes, quotes and memories and rolled them up into tiny clear capsules. There were maybe 100 in all.

To this day (nearly 8 years later) the hubs occasionally empties a pocket after work and pulls a new capsule out.

It's amazing to remember something I took part in that had so much love put into it and that years later, he still gets to enjoy.

Thanks for letting me share my story!

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