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EZ E has a geuther high chair that he totally loves. I like how it looks, plus
it's sturdy and adjustable. He still uses it every day and will be able to for several years to come. Kicky will be starting solid foods soon, so we've started looking for one for her, but I can't find one anywhere. The geuther has arms and a tray, both of which we've found to be very useful. Has anyone used the Stokke tripp trapp chair?
By the way, if you're ever in the Ithaca (NY) area, one of my favorite places to pick up stuff for EZ E and Kicky is Mama Goose. It's a children's consignment store that also carries awesome new baby gear and toys. They have a mouth-watering selection of see kai run shoes and robeez out the wazoo. Totally worth a trip.


Erin said...

We have the Tripp Trapp. When my little guy was first eating it was awful - there was no tray and he just seemed way too small and unsupported in there (or I was an anxious new mom?). We ended up getting a completely lame Graco highchair which we used exclusively for about 6 months and which then became the seat for his guests. However, Tripp Trapp's Baby Set is now higher and will offer more support, and I think you can sometimes find trays on eBay.
Despite our initial issues, I now LOVE that chair and am so glad we purchased it. If we were to have more munchkins this is one item I wouldn't shelling out the big bucks for.
Good luck!

Anonymous said...

We have two trip traps. It shows we liked it so much we bought another one for our second kid.

The fact there is no tray is a plus for me: this way, the baby can really join the family table.

You do need the 'baby extra's': the belly part and the band in between baby's little legs to keep the baby in place. We also had a trip trap cushion to make it lass 'slippery' for the baby. When the baby is small (we had VERY small babies...), we used towels to prop up the chair.

Our kids are now 11 and 6, and they still use it and love it!

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