Green with...

Everyone and their mother posted this photo from Lonny Magazine a while ago, but I couldn't resist. I kill plants, so this table of lush greenery makes me envious. I really like the idea of having a while table full of plants somewhere in your house, don't you? (if you have the room and don't kill plants, that is.)

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Vicki @ Piccolo Takes All said...

I love having plants in the house, but I don't have a ton of light in my house. I have one window that gets decent indirect light and an unheated sunporch, so I am very limited as to what plants can survive, much less thrive.

I am not someone who is going to nurse a dying plant back to health – watering once a week (with a little liquid plant food) is about all I'm gonna give these things – they have to do the work on their own.

That being said, I have the aforementioned windowsill lined with plants, as well as a table in the sunporch with several little guys that have made it through a couple winters so far. This is because I researched for plants that don't need full sun and can survive to very low temperatures. So far, that extra planning has paid off!

Sorry for being so long-winded...just wanted to encourage you to go for it, you may be pleasantly surprised. :)

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