Laughing all day...

Kicky has started laughing out loud! She has an amazing laugh (thank goodness). We're also laughing because of last night's dinner conversation between PRH and EZ E:
PRH (trying to get EZ E to eat a cucumber): Come on E, you like cucumbers.
EZ E (noting the tiny spot of pasta sauce on the end): No. It's grody.
PRH: E, it's just frickin' sauce.
EZ E (after eating said cucumber a few minutes later): Hey, daddy! I like frickin' sauce!

Lesson: PRH needs to watch his mouth more carefully. Abbey shouldn't laugh with food in her mouth.


compulsively compiled said...

funny! i can't tell you how many times my kids have refused to eat things that they like. they totally forget that they like them. it makes me CRAZY. "eat your soup, you like this soup." which is followed up with lots of nos then eventually if i'm lucky, "you're right, momma, i do like this soup." said with much surprise.

Rachael, Pistachio Press said...

hahaha, laughed out loud at the doctors office reading this. Too bad for them giving me free internet!

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