PRH and I both come from huge extended families...my dad is the oldest of 6, my mom has 4 brothers, PRH's dad is one of 4 and his mom is one of 8. Coming up with a 'family' christmas gift each year can be a bit of a challenge, but I was thinking about giving terrariums a go this year. I've heard they're easy to make...plus, it could be a fun project to do with EZ E. Has anyone tried it before?

*photo found here


Anonymous said...

NO but in typical mom fashion, I have been saving jars to do it for a long time.
Last week they got used for homemade granola instead.
HOpe you are well-we miss you!

Bec said...

Yes, I've got a gorgeous one. Super easy. Put in dirt, squeeze full of different mosses, I even included a baby fern. Water. Cover with a bit of air coming in. It is growing wildly. Everything is happy. It IS in the shade, not direct sun.

patrice said...

i've had so much fun with terreriums this year. below i left two links when i blogged about it, one has basic instructions.

have loved your blog for a long time.




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