Remember when I said something a couple of weeks ago about my mom's *amazing* charm bracelet? Well, here it is...I snapped a couple of photos when we were visiting for the holiday and they just don't do it justice. The sheer quantity is impressive though. I bought her the bracelet and just a few charms several years ago...and mom (diligently) collected the rest. She does a lot of traveling so some of the charms are from various states/countries, and others are from antique stores and flea markets. My personal favorites are the camper, the little round piece of wood (we gave that to her when we told her I was pregnant with EZ E), and the Volkswagen. I also have a charm bracelet that pales in comparison...maybe I'll show it when it's a little bit closer to *amazing*. :)


Jogirl said...

Hi There,
Wow my mum has one like this, I love it, I remeber it from being a kid, I love the stories behind each and every one.

I have been visiting your blog for awhile now, I have commented sometimes and lurked at others and just wanted to let you know about my new store(s) on etsy and madeit.
I am having a giveaway on my blog to celebrate.
Please pop on over and have a look, and enter to win a fabulous prize.



Anairam said...

Oh my goodness! This is the Charm Bracelet Extraordinaire! - the one to beat all charm bracelets!

I posted about my one (with charms I 'made' myself) here: http://fraiing.blogspot.com/2008/10/charmed-im-sure.html but I'm afraid it doesn't come near your mom's one!

WEE-HOO said...

I love charm bracelets too--I make them out of unusual stuff. (I'll post a photo on my blog.) But, I collect charms for my daughter--every place we go I'm hunting for silver charms. Some places are easier to find charms than others. They do feel so personal. Thanks for sharing!

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