I'm happy to report that we are staying home this weekend! We've been traveling to and fro a lot lately and I'm looking forward to having a lazy weekend at home with my PRH and EZ E. I took these photos last weekend when we were visiting PRH's parents. My father-in-law is quite clever and built these gorgeous twig trellises for his vegetable garden. For right now they're held together with zip ties, which I think is totally genius.

I wish I could say that I was good at gardening, but plants run when they see me. Our neighbor brought us a tomato plant a few days ago and I've already killed it...less than 7 days with me and it's a goner. I suppose we can't be good at all things, right?

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Dragonfly said...

Your FIL did a great job on the trellises!

And I see he's put in marigold's to keep the deer away!!

Love ya's!!

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