A sign of the times...

As a child my family spent a considerable amount of time visiting Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.  Perhaps that's the reason why I really like hex signs. Here are several that I found. The necklace (above) is by etsy seller HModine. I found all of the signs below on ebay. The name Jacob Zook came up a lot...he seems to be the master of hex signs. I also found a site that has a downloadable PDF list of the most popular hex signs, which is kind of interesting. I'd love to see more contemporary hex signs. Hmmmm...something to think about.


Lumpkin said...

HURRAY for Lancaster! I live in Lancaster City but even here the hex signs make an appearance- especially when you visit market downtown. Beautiful!

abbersnail said...

Thanks to your link, I am now the proud owner of the top hex sign. Thank you so much for sharing!

mary said...

Oooh...just bought a hex pendant from that etsy seller. Thanks for a totally random, cool link which I wouldn't have otherwise seen!

m. heart said...

my parents had one of these on our house when i was growing up! i think i'll continue the tradition and find one of my own. thanks for the link!

cookie said...

these are amazing! i have never seen them before! what cool design.
going to check out your links, while having my morning coffee.

Brandy said...

Hi there... I am a contemporary hex sign painter and just found your blog and thought I would post links to some contemporary hex sign painters for you to check out..

James Mellick
JJ Starwalker
Brandy Naugle (me)

and here are two that still paint traditional hexes around PA

Eric A. Claypoole
Bill Schuster

It is really exciting to see a renewed interest in traditional folk arts. :)

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