Ever since I saw Lisa Congdon's amazing kitchen on design*sponge I've been obsessed with catherineholm kitchen ware (and wishing that I'd find some while thrifting...yeah right). Today's Collected post features an equally fabulous (and beautifully photographed) collection of vintage Catherineholm kitchen ware that belongs to Nancy, who is also known as Lemon Soup. I'll let her tell you a bit about it:
"I started collecting them from garage & estate sales about 10 years ago. I just simply loved them and really did not know anything about them at the time, other than being Scandinavian. I would pick them up for 50 cents etc. So the rules were only at sales and estate sales. My family and friends know to just get them, if they see them at out & about. I do think collecting is in the genetic makeup of a person. You either get thrills by the hunt and find or not...I have friends who don't get it.
I love colorful bake ware. One reason i find it so great is, I like to think back to all the women slaving in their kitchens. I like to imagine some woman or Mother finally saying way back when "this would be more fun cooking all day in here with colorful beautiful pots and pans" And then they were born..lovely cookware of all kinds.
Personally, I'll take the colorful pots and pans any day and just leave all of that cooking stuff. I also couldn't resist posting this photo of her tin collection. A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!! If you're interested in seeing more catherineholm take a look at this flickr group called Lovers of Catherineholm Designs. You can see more of Nancy's photostream here. Thanks, Nancy!


quaint handmade said...

uh oh,i think i'm going to have try and find some of that kitchen ware -it's so happy and graphic.

Anonymous said...

Hi Abbey,

My name is Swati and I am a Phd student at UB. I live in Allentown and wanted to let you know about this really fantastic estate sale on North Pearl. I was there this afternoon and saw these really cute figurines which made me think immediately about your blog and etsy store. the house was owned by an old lady and as most old ladies, she collected tonnes of really fantastic/weird stuff. Everything is half off on Sunday. I am not sure about the house number but it has a huge sign for the sale outside.
I really like your blog, by the way!

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