Superb surplus...

I've mentioned it before, but PRH and I have been haunting a school surplus auction in Buffalo and recently picked up a couple of small industrial filing cabinets. We already have a large one in our kitchen that we use for utensils and miscellaneous storage (top right). We also have a vintage doctor's cabinet that we found across the street from our house and use as a pseudo-butcher block (top left). When I saw the Three Potato Four sneak peek at Design Sponge today (image below) I realized that I've been collecting images like this on my desktop...a clear testimony to just how much I love the look of these industrial/library cabinets.

Here are a few other fabulous images that I found:

image above from Decor8 (via an angel at my table)

image above from julesschroom
image above is the Helmer cabinet via ikea

image above from Decor8 (home of Samantha and Grant Nixon)
You can find more furniture like this on a site called American Furnishings (which I discovered via sfgirlbybay). I've also had a lot of luck with the Auctions International, Craig's List, Ikea, and freecycle.


sosser said...

that blue cabinet is killing me!

love your industrials, too :)

colleen said...

I LOVE that metal cabinet with the drawers. It looks great in your kitchen. I wish there was a school surplus sale like that around here. I read your post about it, and I want to see photos!

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