This week's Collected post features the charming collection from Sharon Mount's Tiny Buildings blog. I can't remember where I first saw these (maybe on Swiss Miss), but I was so excited for this post that I almost published it on Monday. I think Sharon describes the collection best:
"In the 1970s, when our children were young, my husband, James Mount, started a collection of tiny buildings - made from odds-and-ends cardboard packaging. The original idea was for them to be Christmas decorations - to be placed over tiny white lights on our tree, or to gather on a side table as a little village. Each holiday, James would add to our collection. A few were given to friends, but most rested in an attic-stored box through most of the year...escaping for Christmas, to our delight.
Because the tiny buildings were made from familiar boxes, or restaurant business cards, or other pieces collected as we traveled and lived, they became miniature memoirs of happy times and places.
Many years later, in 2000 or so, ten years after James' death, I started to add to the collection. I gathered cards from the many stores and restaurants and fun places that Jane and Madison, our now-grown children, and I visited, and gave them to each of them for Christmas presents.
I'm such a sentimental person and this collection made me want to just cry. Isn't it such a great idea?! I love the Tiny Buildings blog and think you will too. Take a look!

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Lori Langille said...

What a great story -- thanks for sharing that!


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