I think that these pieces by Camille Rose Garcia epitomize our day today. PRH and I found out this morning that one of his dear friends from high-school died unexpectedly last night. We are incredibly sad, sad, sad. However, in honor of our very sweet friend, I am determined to be positive. So, here are ten things that have made me very happy recently:
1...I love my husband, our baby boy, and our wonderful family and friends
2...we are healthy
3...EZ E makes me laugh all day long
4...I got my hair cut and I actually really like it (it's short)
5...EZ E is starting to sit up by himself and he likes peas and he laughs out loud
6...we like our apartment and adore our 92 year old landlady
7...I was surprised that one of my pieces was on Poppytalk today (thank you!)
8...I get to make things every day
9...thrift scores
10...I'm off to bed and I'm going to wake up feeling a bit better about things tomorrow.
Oh, here's one more...
11...I appreciate you putting up with my S-A-P-P-Y post.

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Anonymous said...


I'm sorry to hear about Phil's friend. Be there for him Abbadoo!

Love your Auntie Anna

P.S. I heard the little man laughing in the message on your parents phone...that's a keeper...can't wait to see youse!!

Ummmmmmmmmmm Mwah!!

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