I'm it...

I was tagged by Rachael, but because we share many of the same friends I'm not going to tag anyone (and yes...also because I'm anti-chain email). Anyways, here are five facts you may not know about me...

1]...I love to eat chick peas...I bake them in our old oven and chow down (a little Mrs Dash...375 degrees for 45 minutes...yum, yum, yum). Just don't get your hands too close to my face when I'm eating them...I'm likely to bite them off.
2]...I met my fabulous husband, PRH, while working as a bartender at Red Lobster. Can you believe he married me even after he saw me in a fish shirt that smelled like drawn butter?!
3]...I spent literally half the day today dancing with EZ E to Michael Jackson's Thriller record playing on our record player.
4]...I love to make time capsules and just found one that I made in our box of Christmas ornaments tonight. I also have two others hidden at my parents house; one I made when I was about 9 years old and another that I made when I was 22.
5]...I am very obsessive and probably won't be able to sleep because I'll feel so guilty that I didn't tag anyone.

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