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Today was a really productive day. I kicked back a giant cup of coffee and turned into some sort of making-machine. I'm almost finished with my big drawing, which is really good because we're heading home sooner than we had expected. When I got home from school PRH, EZ E, and I headed out to open studios at Buffalo Arts Studio. There was a ton of great work to see. I especially liked the work of Bryan Hopkins (above) and Adrienne Lynch (sorry, no website). EZ E is getting so heavy that our arms were numb by the time we left. I also suspect that we're burning our bridge by taking him to so many exhibitions. I won't be shocked at all if EZ E becomes a very serious accountant someday and tells everyone that his middle name is Frederick (his middle name is actually Furious...yes, you read that correctly). Alex P. Keaton all the way. Oh my!

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Anonymous said...

Hey! I found your blog via book by its cover. I love your work, I'm the total fan-girl!
you said
EZ E is getting so heavy that our arms were numb by the time we left.
I have a one year old and we tote him around in a ergo carrier, have you tried it? It is amazing, you can carry them around in it a really long time, and you can even get a 100% organic version if you want! Check it out:

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