Bouncing forward...

Happy Halloween! A mildly testy Tigger and I went and delivered treats to our sweet 92-year old landlord and our equally sweet next door neighbor. We baked some scary cookies for them...well, I baked them while EZ E screamed his head off. With that, my mind is already off to the next holiday.

I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving for two reasons...1) tons of good food and 2) the day after Thanksgiving. Instead of shopping on black Friday, I turn on Bing Crosby, grab a glass of wine, get a little sappy, and decorate our fabulously tacky aluminum tree (my grandparents had it when my dad was born). I'm also excited to send holiday cards, particularly these lovelies from Rachael of Pistachio Press. Can't wait!


Annalisa Backlund said...

Lovely blog! I found it through Book by it's cover. I used to work as a Museum Educator at the MCA Sydney - and have a bub - 11 months old. Love the tiger suit! Anna-Lisa xxxx

Anonymous said...

Oh...the tree.

I have fond memories of your Dad and I as children at Christmas time.

Grandpa had one of those disk lamps that twirled and shined different colors on the tree.

It was beautiful!!

It's wonderful to know that you are carrying on the tradition!!


Aunt Anna

Spray Glue said...

I want a T - I - Double Gu - R suit like that. It is incredible.

would be a bit weird do go down to the local mall in it though, haha


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