Tree tops...

PRH, EZ E, and I went to Rochester tonight for a reading from our friend Tate's latest book, God Bless This Circuitry. EZ E and I made it for about two minutes before he started to freak. New diaper, full belly...but unfortunately we missed the entire reading. PRH and everyone else who attended said that the reading was wonderful. If the book is any indication then I'm sure it was. You can check out Tate's book (and many others) here.

We also stopped at a thrift store on our way there and I scored several of these Mikasa plates (this is the treetops pattern).

I fell in love with this image posted on design sponge (via Lena Corwin's blog) of plates on display at the porches inn in North Adams, Massachusetts. Now I finally know what to do with my burgeoning collection! I'll post photos once the wall is decent.

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