Mad as hell...

I had promised myself that I wouldn't go off on any sort of political/personal tirade on this blog. Unfortunately, I am so pissed off that I'm stepping onto my soap box. A couple of months ago, PRH and I switched to a new doctors office in order to have a midwife delivery. We have been so happy with our decision to switch; our midwives have been wonderful and supportive unlike the dreadful doctors we had previously met with (for a total of two minutes). Anyways, we had an appointment this morning and our new OBGYN office (Hampshire OBGYN) along with our local hospital (Cooley Dickinson Hospital) have decided to end their midwifery care by June 15, 2007 (that's just one short day after my due date). That means no more mid-wife deliveries at Cooley Dickinson Hospital at all. It also means that I'd either have to deliver the baby "on time", switch offices/hospitals again at 7 mos pregnant, or have a physician who I've never met deliver our baby. This is absolutely crazy, particularly given the progressive nature of this area. Just last month the Hampshire OBGYN mid-wives alone delivered 30 babies at Cooley Dickinson.

The mid-wives are encouraging patients, community members, and friends of community members to write letters asking them to reconsider or to at least extend these services until June 30. Here's where you all come in...I am begging you all to write. If you don't want to here me bitch for the next two months and, more importantly, if you care about women having the right to choose their own labor/delivery/health care options, please, please write. Here are the addresses:
Craig Melin
President and CEO
The Cooley Dickinson Hospital
60 Locust Street
Northampton, MA 01061
Hampshire Obstetrical and Gynecological Associates
61 Locust Street, Suite 1
Northampton, MA 01060

PRH, EZ E, and I appreciate your time (EZ E wants to be delivered by a midwife!!!). Please also feel free to copy this post and pass it along or in some way bring it to the attention of anyone you know who supports a woman's right to choose her own health care options. Damn the man!


pam drexler-lopez said...

Abbey, it's Pam the midwife at Hamp OB. I love your blog, and I love what you did with your anger! We are TRYING to do something to extend the midwifery practice (why the doctors had to do this in such a hurry is beyond me, and beyond arrogant), and I am staying on the radar screen at the hospital in hopes that they'll do something reasonable and fast. You know we'll help you find other midwives, and I am so sorry that all this is happening, for all of us.

Abbey H said...

Pam! Thank you so much for posting. Hopefully with enough support behind all of you, the doctors and hospital will see the error of their decision and come to a better resolution. I do appreciate your help; please know that you and the other midwives at Hamp OB have been wonderful!

Andrea said...

wrote my letter tonight, I can't imagine my baby's birth without the support of the midwives from Hamp OB -they were incredible. I'll go where the midwives are and I'm sure alot of woman will too.

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