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yo yo quilt
One of the downsides of being pregnant is waking up at 4:30 in the morning and freaking out about the fact that we're going to have another human being to take care of soon. I was awake for an hour before I finally got up to work on the print I've been avoiding. I had a burst of inspiration, so it should be done very soon (I'll post when it's finished).

Anyways, one of the positive things about a 4 am wake up is having time before work to do what I want (which does not include racing around the house trying to get out the door in time). So, I thought I'd share EZ E's yo-yo quilt inspiration. How gorgeous is this quilt?! I love that it's so contemporary looking and that it isn't a coverlet. Hopefully EZ E's quilt will be just as smashing.

(The original source for this image was verkstad, but it no longer works.)

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