I love NY...

I'm finally back from NYC, trying to recover from a serious "visual hangover". The highlights of the trip were definitely purlsoho, anthropologie, and a great exhibition at MOMA called Comic Abstraction: Image-breaking, Image-making that featured some of my very favorite artists. It doesn't get much better than Ellen Gallagher, Julie Mehretu, and Inka Essenhigh all in the same exhibition...so damn good! I also got to see the Guerilla Girls for the first time, which was exciting. Gotta love that Frida Kahlo!

Speaking of primates, I was delighted to return to a sweet little package from Marni with 3 pair of old-school sock monkey socks. I've been meaning to make a sock monkey for EZ E...now I can make 3! Thanks, Marni!

I'm still processing the trip and will post better photos soon. Here's a little rubber band graffiti (taken in Soho) until I get my act together to post more.

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