Crafting my heart out

I am on crafting overdrive (aka putting off a lot of other stuff that needs to be done). I've been working on a mobile for baby EZ E. Two friends have told me how much their newborn babies loved mobiles with faces, so we'll find out in June whether EZ E likes faces as much as other babies. I'm also working on a yo-yo quilt- I'm obsessed with making yo-yos and have been taking them all over the place. When we were driving Thursday I was working on them to the point of making myself car sick. So, making yo-yos in the car is no longer an option. Luckily, many other opportunities for making yo-yos exists (although if I keep putting off other things the yo-yo action is going to have to stop). I also realized that I'm going to need a bazillion yo-yos to make a 4 foot by 5 foot quilt- I saw a beautiful quilt online that this woman had made. She gave the yo-yos a bit of breathing room and appliqued them to a white base. It looked more like polka dots, which will match EZ E's crib bedding (that Grandma and Grandpa O bought along with a crib for him this weekend- SO exciting!). Thanks, mom and dad!

I should be finishing a print for an exchange that Rachael and I are organizing. I tried to work on it yesterday, but went over to Amelia's for a craft day (oh so lovely) with her, Ajika, and Kristin and lost steam to work on the print by the time I got home. It'll get done.

I forgot to mention that we also visited Emily in Seneca Falls this weekend and got to see her, Greg, and Jeff (another great day). We went to The Deerhead, which was fantastic as always. Lots of interesting characters to observe. They also give away Nascar-colored Jello shots if there's a crash in the race- I'm not sure if there was a crash or not, but PRH, Emily, Jeff, and Greg has several Jello shots as we were leaving. I miss those unusual Upstate NY customs (if I can even call that a custom). Emily also made some amazing oatmeal cookies that I'm still enjoying (I'm shocked I haven't eaten them all).

Speaking of interesting customs, we ate at Teapot in Northampton on Saturday evening and the hostess looked at me and said, "Oh. You're expecting a baby boy." and I thought, "How the hell does this woman even know I'm pregnant?!" which I told PRH and which made him laugh because apparently I look much more pregnant than I realize. It still doesn't explain how she knew we were expecting a boy, but I decided to leave that one a mystery. Then the waitress said that we're going to have a lucky baby because he'll be born in the year of the pig. Hooray for lucky babies, right? (whatever lucky babies are) Aren't all babies lucky? Two of their main activities are sleeping and eating- I'd consider myself lucky if I could get away with that.

Off to work on the dreaded print. Perhaps lucky baby EZ E will bring me luck working on it.


Rachael said...

I can't believe you're making yo-yo's! I have been obsessing about them for a few months now and remembering them from when I was little. I actually had ideas of making a yo-yo quilt for your new boy!

Abbey H said...

We're kindred spritis!

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